1305 Stewart Alley Vacation

Review Status

On November 16, 2023 SDC voted 9 to 0 to approve the Public Benefit phase of the vacation.

Project Description

PMB is requesting an alley vacation on a triangular block located in the Denny Triangle neighborhood. The north/south alley opens onto Stewart Street to the north and Lower Denny Way to the south. Eastlake Avenue is the eastern side of the block. The prow of the triangle terminates at the intersections of Denny and Stewart.

The block is located at the intersection of two city grids, which is why the site is triangular. Lower Denny Way is a one block long right of way that is distinct from Denny Way, a major east/west arterial. Lower Denny Way abuts the portion of Denny Way that includes the western abutments for the bridge that crosses I-5.

The vacated alley would allow the construction of a   life science research tower with fifteen stories above grade and four parking levels below grade. Access to the site would be provided at Eastlake Ave. The development would cover most of the block. A two-story building with surface parking located near the intersection of Eastlake Ave and Stewart Street will be retained. That site does not use the alley and is owned separately.

The existing alley is one block long. The abutments and bridge for Denny Way does not allow the alley to connect to the south. The north terminus of the alley ends at Stewart Street. There is no connecting alley north of Stewart.

November 16, 2023 Meeting

August 17, 2023 Meeting

May 4, 2023 Meeting

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