Ticket Response Options

Use this video as a guide to understanding your options for paying, mitigating, or contesting your tickets at SMC.

How to Pay My Ticket 

Learn about the various payment options.

How to Check for Unpaid Tickets

Search by vehicle or name for outstanding tickets.

I Can't Pay My Ticket

Learn about options if you cannot afford to pay your ticket.

Dispute My Ticket

Learn about options to contest or mitigate your ticket.

Tickets Issued to a Vehicle That you Sold

Learn how to address tickets issued to a vehicle you sold.

Camera Tickets 

Learn about tickets issued by a traffic camera. 

What if I Don’t Respond to the Ticket?

  • The court will add a late fee to your original ticket amount.
  • You lose your right to a hearing.
  • The court may send your tickets to a collection agency.
  • The Washington State Department of Licensing may suspend your driver’s license for unpaid traffic tickets.
  • The Department of Licensing may place a hold on your vehicle registration (tabs) for unpaid parking tickets.
  • If you have four or more overdue parking tickets, the Seattle Police Department can boot, tow and impound your vehicle.

Need Help?

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Call wait times may be longer than usual due to a high volume of calls.

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