Cathy Moore

I am honored to serve the city of Seattle as the councilmember for the District 5 area, including the neighborhoods of Bitter Lake, Haller Lake, Pinehurst, Lake City, Broadview, Licton Springs, North Beach, Crown Hill, Greenwood, Maple Leaf, Northgate, and Meadowbrook. I am a lifelong Seattleite and North End resident, former King County Superior Court Judge, and former Seattle public defender – my long connection to our city and history of civic engagement is what led me to join the Seattle city council as the representative for District 5. 

North Seattle is a dynamic and diverse area with many strengths. It also faces the same issues that affect the larger Seattle community. Citywide and for District 5, I am focused on addressing  issues of public safety, the homelessness epidemic, housing affordability, and climate change. 

More specifically for District 5, we have our share of unique needs which include the Aurora Avenue corridor redesign, human trafficking on Aurora, the ongoing redevelopment of the Northgate Mall and surrounding area, mandated density around the coming 130th Street light rail station, east/west transit, the future plan for the Lake City Community Center, sidewalks, the Thornton Creek watershed, and parks and open spaces. 

District 5 map

With your help, I am dedicated to ensuring all in our community live with dignity, safety, and opportunity. Contact my team at or (206) 684-8805 with comments, suggestions, and requests for assistance.


Councilmember Cathy Moore

Cathy Moore

Cathy Moore grew up in Seattle, in the Lake City and Capitol Hill neighborhoods. Following in her mother’s public service footprints, Cathy fought for Seattle residents as a public defender with the Seattle Defender Association immediately after law school, later fighting for children and families as a family law attorney.

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