Good Governance Pledge

  1. I will strive to represent all of my constituents, and to that end, I will be committed to listening to my constituents and prioritizing the needs of our district by the following:
    1. I will not seek to divide my constituents by demonizing or representing only parts of them.
    2. My office and I will do our best to give a timely response to inquiries.
    3. I will meet with all stakeholders, even those with whom I may disagree, and importantly, listen to all stakeholders as to make a good faith effort to find common ground.
  2. I will work to restore your trust and the trust of Seattle’s public by ensuring the City Council and City Hall, in general, focus on solving problems.
  3. I will prioritize fulfilling my oversight responsibilities of city departments to make sure that they are delivering results. I will strive to reform and build Seattle’s tax code to be fair, consistent, and stable for all constituents. Further, I will work to spend our public funds wisely and efficiently to achieve our goal.
  4. My role as Councilmember is to serve the public interest. I will not allow outside interest groups to control the drafting of legislation or act as a de facto veto over legislation that is in the public interest.
  5. I will draw on my progressive values to guide my actions, and in addition, I will seek out compassionate and pragmatic approaches to craft effective solutions to ongoing issues, such as homelessness. I will work hard to create good policy that is rooted in evidence-based studies and programs, to best meet the needs of the city and the district.