About Councilmember Rob Saka

Councilmember Rob Saka with family

Council district: 1
In office since: 2024 
Current term: January 2024 - December 2027

Rob Saka is a public school dad of three, attorney, community safety advocate, Air Force Veteran, and West Seattle resident.

His father, a Nigerian immigrant and former frontline warehouse worker, taught him the importance of hard work and selfless service – guiding principles that are pillars in his everyday life.

Rob graduated from Kent-Meridian High School. Like many young Americans, Rob felt called to service after the 9/11 attacks, enlisting in the U.S. Air Force with the intention of protecting his country. Under the G.I. Bill, Rob was able to attend the University of Washington, where he met his wife, Alicia. He would go on to earn a commission to become an Officer through the Deserving Airman Commissioning program. Rob is a Veteran of the Iraq War, having served during the height of the “troop surge” in 2007.

After 10 years in the military, he resigned his commission to focus on serving others as a civilian attorney, intending to help his community overcome some of the systemic barriers that Rob navigated growing up with stints in the foster care system. He attended law school at the University of California, Hastings Law, before moving back to Seattle to continue his work in legal and policy advocacy.

In the community, Rob has previously served on nonprofit boards, represented fellow veterans in need pro bono, helped underserved microentrepreneurs start and grow their businesses, and more. In his spare time, Rob enjoys running. He is a qualifier-finisher-survivor of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.