City Hall Public Meeting Locations

Accommodations for vision, hearing, mobility, and language

City Hall is accessible. Accommodations are available and can be requested in advance.

City Hall Public Meeting Locations

Are you coming to a meeting at City Hall? It will probably be in one of these rooms.

Council Chamber

The Council Chamber is located on Floor 2 of City Hall.

City Council meetings are typically held in this room.

Get City Council meeting agendas and information.

To enter, walk up the grand staircase from Floor 1 of City Hall - Fifth Avenue entrance. Or you can take the elevator to Floor 2, walk to the right until you come to the blue bridge on the left. Cross the blue bridge to enter Council Chambers.

Bertha Knight Landes Room


Bertha Knight Landes Room is located on Floor 1 of City Hall - Fifth Avenue entrance.

Boards & Commissions Room


The Boards & Commissions Room is located on Floor L2 of City Hall.

To enter:

From Fourth Avenue:

  • Take the elevator to Floor L2R
  • Walk forward until there is a second set of elevators on your left and large hallway to your right.
  • Go right down the large hallway.

From Fifth Avenue:

  • Take the main elevators (set of four) to Floor L2
  • If there is a door immediately to your right and no large hallway in front of you when you get off the elevator, go through the door to your right. The large hallway will then be to your left.
  • Walk forward down the large hallway.

The Boards & Commissions room will be on your right about two-thirds of the way down the hallway.

Room 370

Room 370 is located on Floor 3 of City Hall.

To enter, take the main elevators (set of four) from Floor 1 of City Hall to Floor 3. Go left. Room 370 will be on your left.

City Clerk

Scheereen Dedman, City Clerk
Address: 600 4th Ave, 3rd Floor, Seattle, WA, 98104
Mailing Address: PO Box 94728, Seattle, WA, 98124-4728
Phone: (206) 684-8344

The Office of the City Clerk maintains the City's official records, provides support for the City Council, and manages the City's historical records through the Seattle Municipal Archives. The Clerk's Office provides information services to the public and to City staff.