Precinct Liaisons

Prosecutors and police have come to realize that some public safety and neighborhood livability problems can be better addressed through proactive community-oriented problem solving rather than traditional "case-by-case" prosecution.

In 1995, the City Attorney's Office started the Precinct Liaison Program with four liaisons (for each of then four police precincts) who worked out of our downtown offices and carried a regular case load of division cases.  With the help of several federal grants, the liaisons transitioned to working solely on problem solving work in their respective precincts.  Now the program is solely supported by City funds with four fulltime liaisons covering the five police precincts.

The Precinct Liaison Program involves a long-term, proactive partnership among the prosecutor's office, law enforcement, public and private organizations, and the community to solve neighborhood problems, improve public safety, and enhance the quality of life of community members.

Specific goals of the Precinct Liaison Program:

  • Reduce crime and enhance the quality of life in Seattle neighborhoods.
  • Develop a more efficient and effective response to public safety problems.
  • Improve communication among residents, prosecutors, police and other city departments involved in problem solving efforts.

Precinct Liaison Responsibilities:

  • Providing real-time proactive legal advice for officers in each precinct.
  • Protecting SPD resources by working closely with other City agencies to address neighborhood problems before they become SPD criminal problems.
  • Litigating appropriate code and criminal violations resulting from these efforts.
  • Facilitating community and intergovernmental communication and cooperation.

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Questions about the Precinct Liaison Program may be directed to:

Stephanie Dikeakos
Assistant City Attorney
Seattle City Attorney's Office
(206) 615-1244 

Other Precinct Liason Division Responsibilities

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